Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 1 (Sunday) – In the Beginning

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Today, New Covenant Church (NCC) Epe started with 17 people in Pilgrims in Transit hotel.  This was a land breaking service.  Pastor Bruce preached at NCC, Apapa.  While Mummy Kate who had an entourage of 6 leading ladies was at NCC Ajah.

Around 3pm, the Lagos team and our advance party checked into their hotel aptly named De Rock Hotel. (It might have been named after the beds and pillows).  By 4pm, Mummy Kate was ready for a walk so she asked her driver (brother & bodyguard) to accompany her.  She was unaware that during the previous week 4 people had been kidnapped from the town.  Walking down the roads, she was having a merry time greeting everyone as they sat enjoying the evening sun on their verandas. She suddenly realised that everyone was staring at her.  Looking back, lo and behold, she discovered that not only did she have Bro Solomon as her escort but a fully armed, uniformed police man.  Suddenly, she became a VIP!  Everyone was eager to greet the white missionary walking down their street.  So lots of opportunities arose for her to share her love for Jesus and explain the mission.

The conversations and interactions with the people attracted the attention of her armed escort.  He was a Moslem.  Would he like to become a Christian? She asked. He had seen the love of Christ ooze out of this remarkable woman.  Yes, was his empathetic response.  So they sat down and she explained the way of salvation.  Mr Olatunde prayed to receive Christ.  He became her interpreter.  By the end of the week when he felt her converts had not understood her weird English, he took over as the preacher.  What a lovely guy.  We will miss him!  He introduced his fiancée to us. They will get married in February, perhaps in our new church.

Not too much sleep on De Rock.  It was stiff necks all around.  Pastor Wole began suggesting emphatically that they move to another hotel.  He is such a wise man.

While the services were going on in Apapa, Ajah and Epe, we attended NCC Ilupeju. It is wonderful to visit each year our Ilupeju family.  After church, we went to “The Place” at Ikeja Mall for lunch.  According to Gbenga, our group consisted of four New Covenant Church members, and one non New Covenant Church member who happened to be our host.  Left of me he would fast or sing “o yomu yomu” in alto while we ate the fresh Nigeria delicacies.  But Uncle Sam is a true gentleman.  His sins were forgiven.  After a bowl of pounded yam, egusi soup and asun meat, I got home and slept for 4 hours.  Please pray for me for the days ahead.

Make sure you follow the next update in the next few days.

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