Imini Chronicles 2009: Day 2 (Tuesday) – Led by the Spirit

There was nothing scheduled for Tuesday on the main programme.  The published programme started on Wednesday so it was time to set up and plan. The team on ground – Covenant Women and Samonda Conference had set up camp.  What an excellent job

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they had done.  The chairs, canopies and extra tents were all in place in expectation of a large crowd the next day.   The pineapple plantation had been cleared for extra space. Three malus (cows) were tied to a tree in preparation for a four-day feast.  Everything was being prepared for the D –day.

People from the villages dotted around the perimeter of the venue inquisitively.  The Liberty Team members from England and America surveyed the land from where each department would operate.  As they surveyed the land, the children came out from their classes.  We had a captive audience with whom we could start the work.  This was going to be a good test run. Instructions we also received from above that the medical team should also start consulting.  The pharmacy was not yet open neither was prescription pads brought along for this purpose.  We were not prepared but God had some work for us to do.  With God all things are possible.  Mummy Kate’s writing pad became the prescription pad while one of her note books became the register.   Pens were found and two classrooms were turned into a triage hall for the three nurses and a consulting room for the two doctors.  The shop was open for its customers.

The day became Children’s day. The sound of choruses vibrated through the school premises – “Send down fire, Holy Ghost fire, send down fire again, Holy Ghost fire”.  The children were thirsty not for water but for the word.   They wanted something different, something that would transform their lives.  The infilling of the Holy Ghost could only do the job.  The children’s department commenced work. They taught and preached to them.  Each word was listened to attentively. An altar call was made; nearly the whole school responded to the gospel.  God had plans for Tuesday which were not written in our programme.  He had plans for His loved ones whose names are inscribed on the palm of His hands.

The villagers who were scattered around the premises disinterested and disengaged in what was going on were invited to sit together.  About 30 of them sat under a small canopy.  Pastor Olowe “aka Head Master” preached the good news of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.  The message was clear, sharp and short.  Receive Jesus today he said and be saved.  Nine men and eight women responded to the altar call.  The group was counselled and informed of the discipleship and water baptism class.  Interestingly, there were more men than women converts.  As we had fewer male counsellors, the men were counselled together while the women were counselled on a 1 to 1 basis.  One of the women received the baptism of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues. What an amazing tale.

The programme for the day was flexible.  We made it up as we went along.  This was really as the Spirit leads!   The children had their lunch break and were back for a second session.  With their stomach full, they had an oral health talk by our dentist. Halleluyah, this is the first time we have a dentist on our team.  The children were informed about how to brush their teeth and the impact of eating food and having drinks with a high sugar contents.  All teeth need to be cleaned top, bottom, inside and outside particularly the gum and tongue, they were informed.

The food had digested a bit.  It was sports time. The American contingent were at hand to talk to them about fitness and healthy life styles.  (If only I had heard this talk a little while ago my figure would have been different but there is still hope).  The children were split into groups after much ado.  Each class was taught some stretching lessons and basket ball throwing techniques.  Olumide spotted some prospective NBA players.  Who knows what God has in store from them. The road to a healthy life style had started.   Proper diet with  regular exercise was required to maintain a healthy body.

Mrs Abigail Dauda came in with leg pain.  She was walking with the aid of a walking stick.  She had been suffering from arthritis for 4 -5 years.  She was prayed for and healed of this illness. She left the campsite walking without the aid of her walking stick. She was happy and grateful to God. Jesus is in the business of healing the sick.

The medical team started consulting after counselling.  Our initial group of disengaged villagers became the first set of patients.  By the afternoon the group had multiplied.  This was an indication of things to come.  The nurses registered 63 patients.  Their blood pressure and in some cases sugar level were taken.  58 people saw a doctor.  Five had to return the next day.  It was a very busy day for the 3 nurses and 2 doctors on ground.

Children’s day turned out to be the highlight of the Children’s department.  We could see God moving up and down touching the lives of these young ones.  It was observed that 9 out of 10 children had a Muslim name.  But we believe that God has touched their hearts and changed their names, lives and destiny.  They are the heritage of the Lord.  God’s property, God’s people, God’s beloved.  A new generation enlisted in God’s army. Halleluyah.

The Hall of faith in Hebrews 11 starts off with Noah, Abraham, and then mentions Sarah. Over the years, I have worked with some wonderful women.    In  previous years we have had Mrs Adegun and Mrs Aladekomo. This year was not different. The gentle and calming spirit of the Covenant women president, Mrs Bola Asuni, was inspirational.  She was a leader of women and men.  Soft spoken; always with a smile.  People responded to her gentle spirit with selfless service.  I had to just sit beside her to observe and absorb some of her sweetness and strength. Our youngest member of the team was also a formidable grandmother, Mummy Oyefeso.  Lord, where did she get the strength from?  She prayed for the sick both within the team and on the field.  She also worked with a smile.  She even cracked jokes on the bus to make us feel at ease.  A mother in Israel, indeed. Prof Baiyeroju, another woman of God, also with a permanent smile.  I am now convinced that God is attracted to smiling face.  A consultant Ophthalmologist, she was in and out of the operating theatre looking for more people for whom to give sight.

The Bigz Girls, the 1 am prayer team (oh yeah!), the silent workers, Eye clinic brethren – ‘Dr Tinuke Omisade’, Sis Funmi, Prof Baiyeroju, Dr Soetan, Prof (Mrs) Soetan and company – all contributed to the joy of taking the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to people they had never met.  Mummy Nylander and Sister Ibilola working around the clock to ensure Liberty’s operation in Nigeria ran smoothly. I cannot but mention my able assistant Kemi – “senior management” who organized our lives and ensured everything went well.  Our young ladies- Catherine, Ibukun, Kemi and Toyin contributed their quotas.  It was a privilege working side by side them.  Mummy Kate, a beautiful woman of God with a large womb, held us all together, inspiring us to attempt the impossible and see what God would do.  Everyone received strength to conceive the seed God had placed in their hands.  There were also many women praying at home and abroad lifting the team up daily.  I salute you all.

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