Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 4 (Wednesday) – Lay down your life for your Saviour

We were housed at De Rock Hotel.  It is a very new and nice place with most of the facilities working.  Most, as opening the doors is like playing with a rubric cubic.  The ‘Paint House’, to you “The Pent House”, which we occupied had no fan.  The water tank overflowed into

our room.  My nameless roommate walked around without his slippers on.  He was happy with the state of cleanliness.  I should say that the friendly staff over compensated for the minor inconveniences.  The fellowship and camaraderie amongst the team was indescribable.  Everyone was his brother’s keeper.  We were excited.

We met at 6.30 am each morning to pray.  It was a wonderful time of fellowship. We had the privilege of having Pastor Balogun and his lovely wife with us.  What a humble couple.  Across the ocean in London, we had a group of intercessors who also prayed daily at 6.00am with much enthusiasm.  They provided us with 24-hour prayer and fasting cover.  We enjoyed the privilege of having men and women from Nigeria, England, Ireland, Canada and the USA fulfilling the 3rd part of our slogan “Some come, some give and some pray”. Keep it up.

With over 50 people at our hotel, the transportation of people would always be a challenge.  But not insurmountable.  A portion of courage and willingness to lay one’s life down for Christ always does the business. We allocated people into the coach, private cars and SUVs.  I was squeezed into the back of a Mercedes Benz with the bigz girls.  Nice one.  My roommate and Bro Solution offered to lay their lives down for Christ.  It was either an hour walk, a trip on ‘Okada’ motor cycle or passage via a ‘Maruwa’ rickshaw.

Well, my brothers started with a trek down a red earth road.  Five minutes down the lane, one man in a pair of bathroom slippers, the other in a pair of trainers, started to sweat profusely.  Well, as their cheer leaders from our air conditioned seats we spurred them on.  But we quickly realised that walking was not a lasting option.  Frantically, we searched for an Okada.  All the money in the Queen’s treasury could not get them a ride. Lo and behold, we saw an empty Maruwa.  We blasted the car’s horn to attract the driver’s attention.  I jumped out of the car to secure the services of the rickshaw.  The heavens and earth rejoiced that our brothers had a ride to the campsite. Our euphoria lasted 60 seconds as the rickshaw sped through the traffic.  A prayer meeting commenced in the car as the rickshaw erratically overtook cars and navigated corners.  It looked like a Grand Prix race between the Okadas and Rickshaws. Lord, safe arrival for our brethren, we prayed.

The tents were full of people from yesterday.  How do we handle the old and the new?  I now understand the parable of the wineskins. The wineskin maker had to be on duty to help.  Pastor Bruce preached powerfully. There was a spirit to spirit transmission.  An altar call was made. The people came out in their 100s.  Young and old, men in hats and women in hijabs. It was a remarkable sight.  Thank you Lord for the souls.

Half of the tent went off for counselling.  Another call was made for those wanting divine healing; 100s more came forward.  Liberty Healing school was birthed.  Sister Atinuke and her team went into action ministering to the people.  People were told to sit in 10s in the front of the tent.  Bro Gbenga O had his hands full coordinating the people and the counsellors.  As people were prayed for they fell under the anointing. Various types of healings and deliverance were experienced.

In between healing school and healing school administration, I was at the medical section. The medical administration was challenging throughout the day.  The number of people overwhelmed us.  People were also not getting through to the doctors as a result of the bottleneck at the registration points and lack of space in the main hall.  Lord, please give us wisdom.  The medical facilities had to be rearranged.  Dr Omololu started the reorganisation moving the nurses outside.  This freed up extra room for the doctors.

The Eye clinic was up and running.   The queues were long. The people were happy.  Reading glasses were issued.  The team of ophthalmologists earmarked 25 people for eye operations.  The children’s church started alongside the main service.  The teachers had come well prepared. The PA system was blasting with music. The tables were stocked with books, workbooks, Bibles and CDs.

The prayer tent was full of intercessors praying without ceasing.  The deliverance tent also had their hands full of people being referred to them by the healing team.  We left the site late, praising God.



General medicine 541
Pharmacy 297
Laboratory 24
Dentistry 8
Eye clinic 250
people were earmarked for cataract operations 25
people were counselled 500
Healing school 249


. A lame woman walked during prayers under the counselling tent. A man with health illness was set free.

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