Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 5 (Thursday) – They came back rejoicing and working

We were very expectant as we left the hotel.  Yesterday was awesome. Today had to be greater. The tents were already filled with people again.  A drama presentation followed the worship session.  Now is your time to meet

with Christ boomed out of the mouth of the preacher. Bro Akin Abiona shared the testimony of a friend who had been waiting for a child after 12 years of marriage. She gave birth to a baby yesterday.  God is in the business of answering prayers.  After the altar call, people came out in their hundreds to say the sinner’s prayer.  He prayed for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. They received it.  People were prepared for water baptism.

Healing School followed the main service.  Another altar call was made before healing school.  Half of the people gave their lives to Christ.  Mass counselling was held.  251 were seen and prayed for.

Medical administration went smoother. We had rearranged the reception bringing the nurses outside into a tent and adding an extra waiting area for the registered patients. The cervical smear team took over the manager’s office while the laboratory was spread over two rooms.  God had enlarged our tents.

The pressure was on Sister Funke, Sister Stella and her team – Sisters Toyin and Efe.  The crowd were getting impatient as there were no ophthalmologists to consult.  Dr Emeka had his hands full issuing glasses to those in need.  The Ophthalmologists arrived at 6pm after a marathon operating session.  More people were screened for operations on Friday.

Yesterday a man with mentally illness walked into the grounds.  The deliverance team grabbed him.  A group of men and women led by Brother Olowe started the warfare.  After a marathon session, he was set free.  He had a meal, saw a doctor and slept overnight on the camp site.  Today, he had a bath, was given new clothes and was led to see the doctors.

Thursday was a day of great reunions. Mary and Timothy from Badagry 2014 joined us as members of the welfare team.  Taiwo from Awe 2015 also joined us as a counsellor.  Mary was destitute when we met her in Badagry. Timothy was blind.  Timothy had a cornea transplant while Mary was set up in business. Taiwo was near to death last year. She was rushed to hospital from the camp site diagnosed with congenital heart failure.  They were all welcomed back as workers.

The Business empowerment tent was like a Turkish bazaar.  There were stalls for everything. Gele tying, party make up, bead jewellery making, shoe and bag making, soap making, pofupofu making and IT skills. 8 people gave their lives to Christ during demonstrations.  Halleluyah.

The children section had over a 100 children.  The teachers taught them about the love of Jesus.  Films were shown. They all loved it.  Many children wanted to see a doctor so I arranged for the Paediatrician to see them in their domain.  Over 80 children were seen.  Unfortunately, Dr Banjoko observed that one in three of the children had a hernia.  Never had she seen that before.  Also amongst the adults was a high level of blindness.  Things to pray about.



Counselled 575
General medicine 463
Pharmacy 514
Laboratory 77
Dentistry 9
Eye clinic 311
people were earmarked for cataract 17
people were counselled 575
Healing school 251
people will be followed up 11
people were baptised in water 30
various business empowerment sessions 150
people received cervical screening  137
cervical screening negative results 126


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