Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 2 (Monday) – A day of fun

While I was lazing around in Lagos, our advance party consisting of Mummy Kate, Pastor Bruce and the Lagos leaders were having fun.

 Pastor Wole decided that the team should speak to the stall holders in the fish market. Fishing is a main source of income in Epe.

Pastor Bruce was in his element. He quickly discovered that not only were freshly-caught fish on sale, there were snakes, armadillos, rats and monkeys – all well dead. What really got his attention was a huge tank full of crocodiles and alligators very much alive and kicking. In his excitement, he failed to notice that one of the crocodiles had escaped and was making for his ankles. What a blessed meal the animal would have consumed.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group were going from stall to stall telling the vendors that it was because of the amazing love of God that they were here. They shared the love of Jesus with them. Soon the traders were queuing up for prayer.

More fun in the afternoon. 250, mostly youthful, volunteers arrived. A tour of Epe commenced. The group following an ancient lorry packed with exuberant youths and a loud hailer. Operating the very loud hailer was Pastor Emmanuel from Badagry. He really went for it for two good hours. Meanwhile Pastor Bruce and many others were on foot greeting everyone they met with offers they could not refuse, of free medical checks, eye surgeries, dentistry and business empowerment. Handbills were distributed left, right and centre.

In the midst of all the fervour, bonhomie and laughter, Mummy Kate’s heart became heavier and heavier as she observed the plethora of mosques great and small. Some were three storey’s tall. The lack of churches and the gross darkness oppressing the town became obvious. The town was 90% Muslim but heavily, heavily into the occult. The Lord had told us that we were to bring His LIGHT and now we knew why.

To their great relief, Pastor Wole decided that the Lagos team should decamp to Pilgrims in Transit Hotel. Bye bye De Rock Hotel. De Rock Hotel was solid in many areas, especially the beds and pillows which were like concrete pillars. They were safely ensconced in Pilgrims. The team ate well, prayed exuberantly and hit the sack. Sweet dreams.

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