Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 6 (Thursday) – Testimonies

We returned to our hotel rejoicing in the evening.  Giving glory to our Lord. Below are some of the stories.

Sister Beatrice spoke to a 10-year-old boy.  She asked him what does he want.  He responded that he wanted to know Jesus more.  She felt God’s response was like that of Solomon, he will be given wisdom and understanding beyond his companions.  She also met a woman who had had several miscarriages. She observed that she wore a strange ring.  She did not disclose the source of the ring but agreed to take it off.  She was prayed for her  

Sister Gloria ministered to a backslidden woman who had attended an established church.  The Holy Spirit said she should return to her first love. 4 people gave their lives to Christ.

Sister Grace was delighted to see Taiwo Oladokun from Awe who was near to death return as a volunteer.  She had congenital heart failure leading to water retention issues. She also saw Timothy carrying water around the camp.

Mama Ayinde spoke to a Muslim woman covered in a hijab. She asked her Are you ready to give your life to Christ?  She said no.  As she directed her to the medical tent she informed her that on judgement day the words she had heard today will be recalled.  The woman turned around and asked her to explain the word better.  She gave her life to Christ.  She asked how will she tell her husband.

We were encouraged to use John 14 “I am the way, the truth and the light” when speaking to Muslims as Jesus is the only way to heaven.  They should be encouraged not take off their hijab but speak to their spouse and family about their conversion.  They should let their family see the changes in their attitude and action.

Sister Bose spoke to a woman attending a Celestial Church.  She told her story and prayed for her.  She was taken to healing school.  While praying for her in healing school she had a word of knowledge that the man she was living with was not her husband.  She was amazed. She gave her live to Christ.

Bro Fred gave his testimony of divine healing.  He had a pain in his leg due to the long flight from America.  He heard the word go to the man of God. He was prayed for and Instantly some of the pain left his leg.  He heard the word go to bed, God will do surgery on you.  He woke up pain free.

Sister Linda gave the testimony about a woman who fainted while on the medical queue.  People wanted to give her coca cola.  She might have been killed as she had a 13.9 blood sugar level.  She was diabetic.  They looked after her.  On checking the drugs in her purse, it was discovered that she had been given anti-depressants for diabetes.  God help, Nigeria.

Sister Toyin had a dream overnight seeing a woman with stomach ailment and a man who had a thing limiting him.  She met a man during healing school. While praying for him she felt the Holy Spirit say that he had something limiting him.  She asked him about it.  He said he had something tied around his waist.  He was sent to the deliverance tent..

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