Ibukun Aikomo

Ibukun Aikomo

Ibukun Aikomo’s Liberty experience @ Epe 2016

For the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a missionary with Liberty for its yearly international ministry outreach, my first experience being in the town of Awe of Oyo State and most recently, Epe of Lagos State. I, along with a team of fervid crusaders advanced on a mission to evangelise to particularly undeveloped communities through Christ’s teachings and assisting with resources and support like basic medical care, education and empowerment programmes. This trip involved a lot of hard work, but it was fun.

I also found it very humbling. I find myself a lot more grateful for things I often used to take for granted, the fact is, not everyone lives in the same comfortable way that others live in as the more privileged and things many of us struggle to even imagine are poignant realities for some people.

Definitely a bittersweet feeling. I am more motivated than ever to continue on with this mission and help in any way that I can and I thank God for the opportunity he has given me to serve us in such a special way.

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