Changing Lives



We the family of Bankole Timothy wishes to express our profound gratitude to all and sundry for your assistance both financially, morally and spiritually to bring joy back to my life, light in place of darkness and a reason to live.

I pray from the depth of my heart that none of us will ever experience such in Jesus Name and God who makes me whole again will never inflict on any of you with such a problem in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Once again, thank you all.

Yours faithfully,


Bankole Timothy & Family

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Abraka revisit – Workers outreach

Below are some  pictures of the workers’ training at Abraka, Nigeria on 21st march 2014

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Badagry Chronicles 2014: Day 4 (Saturday) – Good bye world. I stay no longer with you

Sister Esther left ASCON at 6am.  The 1st of a group of 6 to say their good byes.  The bus was filled with it booming praise for the last morning.  Sis Grace took over leading the worship.  It was as if the angels and the host of heaven had descended into the bus.  The people walking down the street were peeping into bus to get a glimpse of who and what was going on..

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Badagry Chronicles 2014: Day 3 (Friday) – King Cryrus

Today was quite special for many reasons.

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Badagry Chronicles 2014: Day 1 (Wednesday) – We are grateful‏

The journey to the Pathfinder beach was fun. We started off with a session of spontaneous praise. The coach was filled with people whose heart were eager to praise the Lord and serve on the mission field.

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Abraka 2013: Chronicles of a Liberty Missionary – The Interlude

I have titled this last section the interlude rather than the conclusion.  Interlude because we have already started planning for 2014.  Yes, the town is – Badagry, Lagos State. The preparations have started.

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Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 4 -We give thanks to our Lord

Hallelujah.  It is day 4.  Most of the Liberty team who travelled from abroad had packed their bags the night before. The bus arrived at 6.30 am. As usual we were not ready but justifiably this time. Everyone was exhausted, so we had to move the departure time forward.  We all needed the extra wink.  At 8.00 am, it was time to

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Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 3 – Continuation

Off to the camp site we trudged. Sounds of the melodious music were booming from the speakers with the congregation dancing to the songs in their local dialect. They were excited. The drama presentation was thought provoking but more importantly it prepared the way for the preacher and a great move of the Holy Spirit. After the

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Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 3 – My money don change for my hand

Day three on the Liberty camp was a life changing experience both for the served and servants. Gbenga and I jumped off the bus and headed for the General Hospital where the general and eye surgeries were taking place. It was time for the blind to see. Sis Funmi, Dr Toyin, Sis Lola and many more in the medical team were already

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Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 2 – Coincidence or a God incident

Thanks for reading my chronicles. I thought a bit of reflection today on how we got to Abraka, Delta State would be appropriate. “Why Abraka?” was a question I heard over and over again leading up to the mission.  To be sincere, the criteria used for choosing the place is unknown to me. Abraka was tagged a high risk area far from

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