Ibadan 2003 – Summary Report


Financial Help and counsel for widows.

In the towns we have seen prostitutes successfully rehabilitated and 2 are currently being funded through university.

Liberty has purchased land and built a primary school in Imini and rent premises in Sepeteri for a second school. These currently educate over 400 children.

Liberty continues to provide scholarships for 23 students to attend university in Nigeria and 2 students in Togo.

The bore hole sunk in Imini is the only source of pure water for the entire village.

Cassava is the staple crop in every village in the Oyo state of Nigeria. Liberty’s work in nearly 200 villages and has taught farmers how to double their cassava yields creating new business opportunities to convert the surplus into gari and starch using mills donated by Liberty.

Animal husbandry and bee-keeping projects have been initiated.

Prostitutes have been freed to live fulfilled dignified lives.

The well woman clinic continues to provide free monthly treatment and care.

The IT facilities in Ibadan offer affordable accredited training to students.


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