Liberty Volunteers - What role

You can support Liberty to empower entire communities in spirit, soul and body and make people free by going on an outreach, making a donation or praying for our work.

Your support will enable us to provide clean water, free education, scholarships, support to widows, free medical care, business empowerment and make disciples for Christ who live in villages and towns.

 Every volunteer brings a unique gift and talent which helps transform lives.  We all work on different projects depending on our skills and experience, passions and gift.  The underlying motivation is always the same – a desire to see lives transformed and saved.

Our volunteers come from all works of life – medical, teaching, IT, business, administrtaion, finance, students, ministers of the gospel to name a few.  Our volunteers come from UK, USA, Ireland and Nigeria.

You can:-

Come – organise and attend outreaches in villages and towns across Nigeria.

Give – financially support the work of Liberty via standing order contributions, one off donations and participating in fund raising events.

Pray – organise and participate in prayer events throughout the year.

Liberty organises trips to the rural villages and towns.  This could be in England or aboard. You are welcome to join the team of volunteers who provide free medical and surgical care, agricultural and business empowerment, work with children or youth and support to teachers, preach and provide counselling to villagers.  If you have any other skills like photography, administration, organisation, looking after babies or children, these would be useful on the trip.  You will give and learn at lot on such trips

The majority of funds that support our work are raised by volunteers.  The funds raised go towards achieving our five-fold mission strategy to provide clean drinking water, free education and scholaships, free medical care, business empowerment and pastoral care.

A monthly contribution or one-off payment towards the cost of digging a well, sponsoring a child through school or evening building a school would make a big difference in the lives of the men and women we meet.

Volunteers also raise their own funds for travel and accommodation while on mission trips.

Prayer undergirds everything we do. Everyone is an intercessor but we also a faithful group of volunteers who pray for the success of our activities whilst the team is away.  They organise prayer chains, night vigils and various prayer events to support the work.  We all participate in various prayer initiatives.  If you are an intercessor, we would love you to join us.

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