Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 7 (Friday) – There shall be showers of blessings

My 1st job for the day was to collate the stats for the past two days with Bro Peter our in house statistician.  He held the information and media team together with super glue. We had previously walked around the camp site to agree our measures.  Before I could blink an email had dropped into my inbox.Rev Balogun preached a powerful, life changing message from Hebrews 13:8. Jesus is the same yesterday and today and forever. The people poured out in their 100s again. There was a great thirst for the word of God. The landscape of Epe was changing,

The new believers were a bit rowdy.  Eager to see the doctors and partake in the empowerment seminars, they surged forward to the counselling holding area. The ushers did their best to keep some order but it was a tough job.  Those who were less able managed to get to the back of the tent but there were no chairs.  Well, the first shall be the last. So we started to move people from the back to the counsellors’ tents.

I had a bit of time to have a quick chat with Pastor Bruce.  He felt the people needed an outpouring of God’s love.  He met a woman who had experienced 8 miscarriages in 4 years.  She was depressed. After a hug and prayers, she had a wide smile on her face.  He also met a 13-year-old muslim girl who gave her live to Christ.  She did not know what to do next.  These are issues which the newly established church in Epe will take on.  During another quick chat with Rev Abraham, it transpired that we had purchased some smoked fish drying equipment which had been given to the Epe market executive committee.  The market men and women had been empowered.  37 people gave their lives to Christ at business empowerment seminar.  Attendees were encouraged to attend the church where their business proposal would be evaluated.

Mummy Kate was everywhere. She has super energy. She was leaping like a deer from place to place. I met her at the baptismal pool, pharmacy and counselling tent praying and spreading the gospel.  People were always queuing to speak to her.

Yesterday Sister Toyin and Sister Funke met Mary a 4-year-old girl at separate places.  Mary has bi-lateral cataracts. Blind in both eyes. She is a sweet and loveable girl.  Mary was asked what does she want. Her response was I want to see.  She has not been able to attend nursery school because of her disability.  She was stuck at home with her grandmother because her mother who is a widow was not coping well.  We could not operate on her because her operation had to be under general anaesthetics. In addition, heart problems might also be linked to a case like this.

Sister Funke spoke to the ophthalmologist about Mary. The consultant said the operation could only be undertaken at University College Hospital, Ibadan or University of Benin Teaching Hospital.  Lord, we need a miracle.

Do you believe is a 24-hour miracle? You might have read about one or heard about one. Or Prayed for one.  Here is one.   Sister Funke started to pray for mercy and favour.  Hallelujah, God made a way.  Overnight, there was a miracle.  Sister Funke’s daughter agreed to sponsor the operation.  All expenses paid.  Off to the cardiologist she goes tomorrow, on her way to regaining her sight. Remember the song? God will make a way where there seems to be no way.  He walks in ways we cannot see.  He will make way for me. Jesus is indeed the same yesterday and today and forever.

We had prayed for favour with the Director in charge of the grounds due to some issues with our rental approval.  He came on site to inspect our activities.  He met with one of our directors who explained that the love of Christ is demonstrated through our works.  He listed attentively to the gospel and received Jesus as His Lord and Saviour.  Whoa, what a miracle.

We met Emmanuel Amada, a security officer, who wore a dark pair of glasses. He was beaming.  He has a cataract surgery on Thursday. Previously, he was blind in his left eye.  On Thursday, he tripped over the tent wire a couple of times because of his partial sightedness.  But now he can see.  He said ‘I feel splendid and beautiful’.

As we were taking our team photographs, we had two honorary members added to our portrait.  “Head master” Olowe and Mr Adeoye Olojo.  Mr Olojo, a former Lagos State Government, senior civil servant, strayed into the ground Wednesday.  He had mental health issues.  After some deliverance sessions, he was set free from the tormenting spirits.  He will be admitted to a resettlement unit after the programme.

It was reported that a man went to the mosque accusing them of wickedness and keeping the people in darkness.  He disassociated himself from the group affirming his belief in the living Jesus.

The dental team were busy counselling, scaling and polishing, undertaking extractions and prescribing medication to their patients.  They noted that there was quite bad oral hygiene maintained in the community. High blood pressure and hypertension was also discovered amongst their patients.

There is power in our words. God is very close by when we pray. In the morning, we prayed for showers of blessings. I t rained.  Some of canopies were blown off.  The campsite was waterlogged. The football tournament was delayed for a couple of hours due to the rain.  Heavens opened over Epe. Despite the downpour our work continued.  The rain had cleansed the land. Washing away the sin and wickedness from the land.  More showers of blessings we pray.

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