Epe Chronicles 2017

Epe Chronicles 2017: Wednesday 25 October 2017

Some Come, Some Give and Some Pray

Our daily corporate morning devotion starts at 7.00 am.  Our appointed town crier, Sister Eucharia, did an excellent job of knocking on everyone’s doors by 6:50am.  Thanks very much my sister. Some fully dressed, others half-awake congregated in the courtyard for a refreshing time of fellowship and breakfast.  Sisters Grace and Sister Bukky did an excellent job.

Off to the campsite expectantly and excited.  Ready to take more territories for Christ. Some knew what to expect; many others were prepared to jump in. Nearly half of the team were first timers (but worked like veterans).  When we arrived on site some went under the main tent while others went to set up their work stations.

The main hall housed – the pharmacy, cervical smear tests, doctors, laboratory, and dentistry. The nurses and medical records were outside under tents. Setting up was difficult as there were no chairs, tables, or canopies for the nurses nor enough chairs inside the medical hall. Without the tent, the nurses could not set up nor work. Frantic phones calls were made.  The resources arrived and set up with just a couple of minutes to spare before the 1st patient arrived. Pastor Tolu did an excellent job.

The eye clinic was chaotic.  We registered 51 people in 2 hours. Lack of ushering personnel and poor layout did not help the team. To add to the stress there was no optician.  Sisters Funke, Feyi, Tope A, Tope O, Tanito and Sarah were overwhelmed. The queues were long and the people rowdy. Our English-speaking youths had their work cut out. The business empowerment team had not arrived also. God please help us. God was helping us as the children ministry were well prepared and had commenced operation at 9am. Well done.

There are some hidden treasures which I cannot but mention. The women in the kitchen woke up early and went to bed late.  800 volunteers and around 1000 villagers were fed daily.  You could see their labour of love through the smoke and their sweat. The sanitation team cleaned the toilets and kept the place clean throughout the day.  Even some of the villagers volunteered to sweep and clean the grounds. The secretariat and guest interface registered and provided administrative support throughout the programme. The Eye team from Ife arrived safely. We give thanks.

Ready, Steady, Souls

Under the tent, Bruce preached a powerful message of Salvation. The response was huge. Rows of people came forward accepting Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. Healing School commenced with 1 to 1 counselling while the majority of those who accepted Jesus went to the counselling tent. People started to trickle through to the medical and eye clinics until the dam busted with a flood of people overwhelming both stations. The deliverance team were fed with those who required further prayers and counselling. Liberty had begun.


It takes a village to train a child. The Liberty village contains a lot of skills and talents from all walks of life. You do not need to be a “professional” to be useful. You just need to make yourself available to be used of the Lord. Everyone contributes to the success of Liberty – Some Come, Some Give and Some Pray.

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Epe Chronicles 2017: Tuesday 24 October 2017

You are Special

New ways

I crossed the road over to Mummy Kate who was speaking to a shop owner and her customers. Bruce and Sharon were also dishing out leaflets. Suddenly an SUV stopped and 8 kids jumped out. Explicit Dance Group took over the walk way. The music boomed from the car stereo. Within a couple of minutes over 30 children and adults had gathered around to watch the wonders of the Lord. Summersaults, splits, flips and other acrobatic acts won the hearts and minds. Mummy Kate preached the gospel there and then on the street and over 10 people including children responded.  I remember a young boy called Michael who asked that his photograph be taken with Mummy Kate.  


A new generation of believers and champions were being raised.


The “You are Special” leaflet and beads was a simple but effective way of sharing the gospel. Everyone wants to be specials. But not everyone is told how special they are. The Lord has commissioned us to be creative in doing His business. The gospel must be preached to all nations and tongues prior to the second coming of our Lord.  Let’s take the message out of the pulpit into the streets through medical outreach, dance, music, education, food parties, house parties and gala dances.

Epe, the city where the Lord dwells, we have arrived.

More people arrived at our hotel. The place was now filling up.  After many false starts, at 1.50pm we all jumped into the bus, and off we went to the orientation camp. Orientation with the Nigerian team commenced at the 2pm.  The Camp Commandant, Pastor AkanbiOluwa, welcomed everyone to Liberty 2017.

Training began with Pastor Akinola who reminding us on the key things to do and say when we go out to evangelise.He talked about the “Roman Road” scriptures.  Sharon showed us a practical way of leading people to Christ using the “You are Special” booklet and multi coloured beads wristband. Pastor Omisade spoke about what to do during counselling.  I had the privilege of explaining the purpose and arrangements for Healing School.  Pastor Tolu rounded up and gave us instructions regarding the praise rally.








After the orientation, the praise rally began. The workers were divided into two groups.  Off we went led by a pickup truck filled with people exuberantly praising the Lord with a shout.  Every house along the Epe/Ijebu Ode Road received a flyer inviting them to the programme. The love of Christ was spread generously around the neighbourhood.  While trailing behind, I met Tope O and Sarah.  I was wondering what are our English-speaking youth were doing. Lo and behold, Sarah was speaking in Yoruba to a woman. My jaw dropped but I had to quickly close my mouth due to the flies and dust.








From the high street, we went to the fish market. It was a happy reunion.  We met many of the traders who we had seen last year. Live crocodiles and various species of fish were on sale.  Mummy Kate went from stall to stall praying, preaching, and prophesying into the lives of the market traders.  Sharon and Bruce also went about distributing leaflets and preaching the gospel. This was the first time I have ever gone to a market with women without spending a penny!  We rounded off with Explicit Dance group ministering once again energetically. Their final dance turned into a flash mob where all the market women joined in. It is beautiful when we praise the Lord in song and dance.

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Epe Chronicles 2017: Monday 23 October 2017

Epe, the city where the Lord dwells, we have arrived

Royal welcome

Mummy Kate, Bruce, Sharon, Pastor Durosaro and Sister Dayo returned from a visit from the Oba Aladeshonyin of Odo-Noforija Kingdom full of joy.

The King, an avid Man Utd supporter, was given a replica shirt his countenance changed.

He became very happy.  He welcomed them warmly and receiving the gospel. He read the salvation prayer and gave 100,000 Naira towards the programme. After the meeting, he drove down to our camp site and spoke to the construction foreman who had refused us permission to erect our tents.  He decreed “No man should trouble you”. This echoes the words in Galatians 6 “From now on, let no one cause me trouble, for I bear on my body the marks of Jesus”.  We have the seal of the King of Kings who says, “No man should cause us trouble”.


Further to a conversation with Mummy Kate, I ask, what does a King do? He counsels, fathers, solve problems and resolves conflicts, respects and is respected, welcomes, represents his kingdom, encourages, gives gifts. Well, the list goes on. The Oba Aladeshonyin of Odo-Noforija Kingdom is a good King who fulfils all the above-mentioned roles and many more. You will and can see the difference of the reign a good monarch. Prov 29 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice”. Good governance makes a big difference.

Epe, the city where the Lord dwells, we have arrived.

Funmi, my sister, dropped me off at the airport with 5 cases to grapple with. No, I am not leaving town. I am off to Liberty 2017 in Epe. Three of the suitcases were for me and two for Sister Hannah. I pushed the trolley with the skills of a Formula One driver into the checking-in area. Bro Kayode, I heard. Bro Sam gave me a warm bear hug.  Sisters Hannah and Beatrice busted into laughter. We weighted the bags and made some slight adjustments. I asked the customer service lady to please check in my hand luggage which she obliged. I strolled through security with my wallet and iPad.

The flight was smooth.  We landed at 4.35 am in Lagos.  We waited patiently for one piece of luggage which refused to come.  At 6.05am, we reclaimed all our luggage. I bulldozed my way through customs followed by Sisters Hannah and Beatrice.  Nobody was going to stop us from marching into Epe. Bro Adekoya had arrived at the airport at 4.55 am waiting patiently for us to emerge.  What a commitment.  He raised the Liberty handbill like a placard to identify himself.  We embraced and strolled into the newly construction car park.  The car was filled to the brim with nine pieces of luggage excluding the ladies hand bags.  We could not pick Sister Ayo on our way. A job for Uber.  Off to Gbenga’s house for breakfast.

We landed at NCC Ilupeju in their new address at Ikorodu Road at 10.00 am to a warm welcome.  Wife, friends, and family were there.  Slowly we filled the buses.  Every piece of luggage was identified and double checked. We left at 11.20 am, excited and expectant of great things to come. We missed our next pick up due to driver error. Nigerians must learn how to say sorry rather defend the indefensible. Sorry goes a long way especially when you are in the wrong.  Eventually we picked Sisters Fola and Tope up. Now it was Epe “straight”.

We were amazed at the physical transformation of Epe. Last year’s dusty roads were professionally laid with a good drainage system. The recreation centre had been transformed into a multipurpose sports centre. The waterfront was being sand filled. We could visual the proposed development.  What a transformation. The light is shining here.

As we arrived at Noforija Town Hall, a bus drove in with the American contingent. Warm “Eku a ti jo” greetings filled the air. As we did not know the way to our hotel, we asked an “okada” man to lead us with his motorbike. Lo and behold, the blind was leading the clueless. He took us to the wrong hotel! He did not give up. The man wanted to complete the contract without knowing what to do or where to go.  I have seen and heard that before. An endemic problem here.

We arrived at D-Rock-M hotel to meet our advance party – Sisters Shade, Tutu, Grace, and Bose. Ms Ifeanyi our hotel manager and her team were all Out to say hello. Where are thou Sister Enny?  Mama Isale of Akata. Grand opening of “Akata” was scheduled for later but I will miss Akata this year due to an otherwise pressing engagement.  We went on a mini tour of Epe later in the evening. Epe gateway, main market, waterfront, and recreational centre were our tourist points. They were all beautiful. A couple of waterfront selfies were taken. Contraband roasted corn was also purchased.



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