School Reports: Donation received – School Sandals and notebooks

On the 4th of October, 2016, Rev Akin Feyisetan donated 204pairs of school sandals and 1,200copies of beautiful exercise books to the children of Imini school.  We went to the school on this day unannounced and distributed the books and sandals to the children that were present.  This is to encourage the children

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From Sickness To Health

Mr Adeoye Olojo, a former Lagos State Government, senior civil servant, strayed into the Recreation ground on Wednesday 26th October 2016 duringteh Epe Outreach.  He had mental health issues.  After some deliverance sessions, he was set free from the tormenting spirits.  We paid for his care at a resettlement unit in Oyo Town. He was discharged ready for work in May 2017






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Imini School: Roll call as at the close of session for  2015/1016 is 270.

Imini school representative attended the National Association of Primary Schools (NAPS), Oyo State chapter’s meeting which took place at the Baptist Academy, Awe.  At this meeting the need for schools to complete their registration was emphasised in other to avoid sanction from the State Government.   Imini school will take steps to complete all necessary registration on resumption in September..

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Liberty Abraka 2013

We met Sister Gloria Tete at Abraka in 2013.  Her son in law had an accident in March 2012 resulting in femoral fractures.  He was unable to walk or work.  She came to Badagry in 2014 seeking help and was told that the operation would cost around £1,000 privately as Liberty does not have operating facilities.  She was asked to raise half the sum.  In a year, she raised less than £200.  The operation was performed for free in 2015. Her son in law can now walk and work.

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Liberty Epe 2016

Juliana’s mum had cataract in both eyes. She had not been able to see her children for years.  She was brought into the ground by her son who literally carried her about until she had surgery.

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We the family of Bankole Timothy wishes to express our profound gratitude to all and sundry for your assistance both financially, morally and spiritually to bring joy back to my life, light in place of darkness and a reason to live.

I pray from the depth of my heart that none of us will ever experience such in Jesus Name and God who makes me whole again will never inflict on any of you with such a problem in the mighty Name of Jesus.

Once again, thank you all.

Yours faithfully,


Bankole Timothy & Family

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Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 7 (Friday) – There shall be showers of blessings

My 1st job for the day was to collate the stats for the past two days with Bro Peter our in house statistician.  He held the information and media team together with super glue. We had previously walked around the camp site to agree our measures.  Before I could blink an email had dropped into my inbox.

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Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 6 (Thursday) – Testimonies

We returned to our hotel rejoicing in the evening.  Giving glory to our Lord. Below are some of the stories.

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Epe Chronicles 2016: Day 5 (Thursday) – They came back rejoicing and working

We were very expectant as we left the hotel.  Yesterday was awesome. Today had to be greater. The tents were already filled with people again.  A drama presentation followed the worship session.  Now is your time to meet

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