Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 4 -We give thanks to our Lord

Hallelujah.  It is day 4.  Most of the Liberty team who travelled from abroad had packed their bags the night before. The bus arrived at 6.30 am. As usual we were not ready but justifiably this time. Everyone was exhausted, so we had to move the departure time forward.  We all needed the extra wink.  At 8.00 am, it was time to

leave.  Some were flying while others would be repeating the scenic route.  Those who were flying were handed over to the Camp Commandant.  Bro Femi, thanks for the help and endurance.

Into the bus we reluctantly threw our bags and said our good byes. We had to leave because many had to catch their flights back to London on Sunday at 11.00 am. The other people later in the day.  While the stragglers later in the week.

Lagos is quite a unique place.  The volume of traffic is high while the roads are bad. Many of the car models are not seen on the streets of London. You really cannot plan your day in Lagos.  Hitting 3 of 5 appointments is an excellent achievement. By the grace of God, seven hours later and we were back in Lagos.  The sirens had gone ahead.  Angels at work. The children of God heading to Lagos.

Reports started coming in from the camp site and hospital as we approached Ondo State.   The two children had been successfully operated upon. Halleluyah,  that was a miracle.  The good news had spread across Abraka and its environs. The camp site was covered with people like locust.  This was our busiest day. Whoa.  More people came forward to receive the gospel.  Everyone available became a counsellor.  Sis Beatrice reported that the work was truly overwhelming but satisfying. Satisfying that more people abandoned the kingdom of darkness for the kingdom of light.  There was a shift in the power base.  At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.

On reflection, should we have left?  Hindsight always has 20:20 vision. But we will learn from this experience for another day.


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