Abraka Chronicles 2013: Day 1 – Let there be light

We all woke up with great excitement. The worship session in the morning was excellent. This is the first time we had joined the host team to fellowship in the morning together. We all headed off to the camp site with great expectations.

We jumped off the bus at 8.45am into a work in progress venue. It had rained

consecutively for the past two days. The canopy which was supposed to be used could not be erected because the ground was too soft. What? 75 minutes to go the stage was still being constructed by the carpenter, the table and chairs were being laid out. The masons were still in the proposed medical room slapping mortar on the window frames. We all got into action, chairs and tables were laid out, the medical facility was washed and the speakers plugged into the electricity. The speakers came alive with a loud hallelujah. We were on track and ready to go. This reminded me that this is what Liberty is all about; we are all willing servants ready to serve in whatever capacity.

The people were now all seated eager to hear and receive the word of life. Their hearts had been prepared by the Holy Spirit. The impact of 100 days of prayer and fasting were gently bubbling on the surface. The preacher, Rev Adegun, gave a powerful message of hope and deliverance. He made an altar call and there was a surge of people forward. Yes, faithful Lord. Here they come. The people’s response to the gospel was a joyful sight to behold. While the counselors started to counsel, the ushers were getting ready to usher the people around the grounds.

Today’s medical team on the camp site consisted of 3 dentists, 8 doctors, 6 ophthalmologists, 2 opticians, 6 pharmacists with 8 nurses. Many more were in the General Hospital setting up the theatre to be used later in the week. The people assembled under tents, ready to go. The dilemma was how to sort them out as everyone wanted to see the doctor and eye specialists all at the same time. Divine chaos is the appropriate description. Taking them in twos, tens and fifteens did not work. Each person was given a number after much ado. The medical team commenced their duties. It was a wonderful sight to see a year’s work of praying and planning translate into people, hundreds of people surrendering their lives to Jesus and accessing free medical care. The touch lights were out; the hunt began for the cataract patients. 20 candidates were earmarked for cataract surgery and 8 patients were referred for general surgery such as hernia operations. It was a rewarding experience making available free medical services for over 300 people today. A service they might be able to afford in their life time.

Thanks for making it possible to set people free


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